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Lesson 11 A introduction

Welcome to your Lesson 11 A introduction

1- Read the dialogues. Are they introductions, greetings or goodbyes?

A: Good night.
B: Good night. Sleep well.
A: Thanks.

2. __________
A: How are you doing?
B: Great! How are YOU?
A: I’m good.

3. __________
A: Hi, Laura. How are you?
B: Fine, Jim. How are you?
A: O.K.

4. __________
A: Good afternoon! How are you?
B: Not bad.


5. __________
Man: Hello. My name’s Mark.
Woman: Hello. I’m Tina. Nice to meet you.
Man: Nice to meet you too.


6. __________
A: See you. Bye!
B: See you. Have a nice weekend.
A: You too.


7. __________
Man: Hi. I’m Jim.
Woman: Hi, I’m Laura.


8. __________
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!