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Book 1 Lesson 12 C What time do you get up?

Welcome to your Book 1 Lesson 12 C What time do you get up?

1-Listen to the conversations from the audio again. Complete the sentences.
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Debora: Hi, Karla. How are you doing?

Karla: I’m fine, thank you. And you?

Debora: I’m okay. Karla, what time do you get up?

Karla: Uh, I get up at 7 a.m.

Debora: Seven? Ok. . I get up at 7, too.

Karla: Nice.

Debora: And what time do you go to bed?

Karla: Uh, I go to bed at 10. 10 p.m.

Debora: Oh, me too! That’s great! I go to bed at 10 too. Oh, okay, thank you! See you!

Karla: See you! Bye!



Debora: Hi, Sam. ?

Sam: Hi, Debs! I’m fine. And you?

Debora: . Uh, Sam what time do you get up?

Sam: Well, I get up at 8 o’clock, ok?

Debora: Eight. Ok.

Sam: Yes, 8 o’clock, but that’s on weekdays, because I usually get up at nine, at ten.

Debora: Uh-huh, I see.

Sam: Yes, because I don’t have to work.

Debora: Oh, okay. Good. And what time do you go to bed?

Sam: Oh, . I go to bed very late.

Debora: At midnight?

Sam: I usually go to bed at around 11 o’clock, :

Debora: Uhm. Midnight! That’s late! That’s very late.

Sam: That’s late, yes!

Debora: (laughs) OK, thank you!

Sam: You’re welcome.


Debora: Hi, Bernhard. How are you?

Bernhard: Hi, Deb. I’m fine. How are YOU?

Debora: Good! Bernhard, what time do you get up?

Bernhard: Uhumm, usually at 6:30.

Debora: 6:30? Uh-huh! And what time do you go to bed?

Bernhard: Hum, at 11 p.m? And on the weekend, it might be later. Midnight.

Debora: Midnight? Ok. I go to bed at 10.

Bernhard: Oh, that’s very .

Debora: Ok, thank you. Bye.

Bernhard: Thank you. Bye. .

2-Complete the sentences using the correct preposition at, to, on or in:
Peter gets up 6 o´clock. He prays the morning, then he goes

work. When he comes home, he eats lunch
noon. the afternoon, he goes

work again. When he comes home the evening, he eats dinner and then

church on Wednesday evenings. He goes bed midnight.

weekends he goes to church twice: the morning and the