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Book 1 Lesson 13 F Speaking What does it mean? How do you say?

Welcome to your Book 1 Lesson 13 F Speaking What does it mean? How do you say?

1-Translate the sentences.

1.Excuse me.  

2.I’m sorry.

3.That’s ok.



6.That’s very nice of you!

7.Thank you (very much).

8.You’re welcome.

9.Do you understand?

10.Do you remember?

11.Sorry, I don’t understand.


13.Pardon me?

14.Could you repeat, please?

15.Can you repeat, please?

2-Put the sentences in the correct order.
1.mean – “excuse me” – what – does ?

2.“com licença” – means – it

3.“obrigada” – you – how – say – do – English – in ? – thank
3-Match the sentences and their respective responses.
I’m sorry.
Excuse me.
Thanks. That’s very nice of you!
Thank you (very much). I appreciate it.
4-Look at the sentences below. Say True (T) or False (F).

Pardon me?
Could / Can you repeat, please?
Sorry, I don’t understand.
I’m sorry.
Excuse me.

1.The phrases “Sorry?” and “Pardon?” have a similar meaning.

2.The phrases “Can you repeat that” and “Could you repeat that” have a different meaning.

3.The phrase “Please” and “Thank you” are different.

4.The phrase “Excuse me” means two different things.

5.“Sorry, I don’t understand” and “Pardon me?” are similiar.

6.The phrases “What?” and “Sorry?” are very formal.

7.You answer “Thank you” with “You’re welcome” or “No problem”.