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Book 1 Lesson 14 B

Welcome to your Book 1 Lesson 14 B

1-Listen and complete the dialogues about likes and dislikes.
A: Let’s go swimming in the lake. It’s such a beautiful day!

B: Great idea! I swimming!

A: .
A: There’s a soccer game on TV.

B: Oh, no! ! I soccer!

A: Well, . What time do you go to bed?

B: At 10.

A: Good! The game is at 11. And I soccer!

B: Ok, then. .
A: Please, turn off the radio. I country music.

B: .
A: I donuts!

B: Well, .
2-Memory test – According to the text about Daniel, write affirmative or negative sentences about Daniel and his friends. Use the verb phrases.
1. live in Babylon .

2. drink wine .

3. drink water .

4. worship idols .

5. eat the royal food .

6. eat vegetables .

7. worship different gods .

8. have only one God .